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Microsoft is working to improve the accuracy of Xbox 360 motion-sensing add-on Kinect so that it could detect finger movement and hand rotation, Eurogamer understands.

Microsoft’s Kinect team is said to be working “very hard” on a switching or compression technology that will allow a greater amount of data to pass through Kinect to the Xbox 360 console.

Kinect features are dictated by firmware so that they can be added and upgraded over time.

The depth sensor used by Kinect is also dictated by firmware – it is currently set at a 30 frames per second limit and a 320×240 resolution limit.

At a 640×480 resolution, however, Kinect could begin to detect fingers and hand rotation – an effective quadrupling of its accuracy.




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The first turn-based multi-player Xbox LIVE enabled game recently showed up in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Search for “Game Chest: Logic Games” and you’ll find it. It’s not just one game either. The $2.99 pack includes Chess, Sudoku, and Minesweeper. Chess is the only multi-player game, however. It’s a turn-based game, so what you need to do is send an invitation to a friend. This will send them an email where they’ll be able to start a game with you. The graphics look great and the music is cool. If you want to try out some mobile multiplayer chess gaming with Xbox LIVE acheivements and leaderboards, head on over to the Marketplace right now.

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Microsoft has kicked off an open beta of a new multiplayer game called Neosaurs, which it is attempting to propogate virally via Twitter and Facebook.

The open beta commenced on December 9, according to the Web site for the game.

“Neosaurs is a new massively multiplayer RPG (MMORPG) adventure that you can play, right here in your browser for free! No downloads, no wait times. Click ‘Play Now’ to jump in the game and start playing right away with your existing Facebook or Windows Live account,” according to the Web page.

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Rovio Mobile, creator of Angry Birds, confirmed it is close to releasing a PC version of its popular mobile game. During a Helsinki press event, Rovio briefly showcased the PC game in action. The desktop version duplicates the game play of the mobile game, but incudes high resolution graphics for the big screen. The official launch date was not announced but Rovio hints that it will be coming soon.

The press event included a few salient details about this success story. Rovio released its first version of Angry Birds on December 11, 2009 and the game has exploded on to the scene. Since its launch, Angry Birds has moved from iOS, to Android, and a variety of other platforms including webOS, Symbian, and even the Nintendo DS.

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Microsoft announced a new gaming hub that connects their three major social gaming portals. They are calling it the Microsoft Game Hub, and it is a combination of MSN Games, Bing Games and Windows Live Messenger. The new hub will allow anyone that uses any of the old portals to play any of the available games and see their friends status online.

Michael Wolf, senior marketing manager for Xbox Product Marketing said:

With today’s announcements, we’ve made it easier to find and play the games you love while connecting to the people who matter most to you. We’re driving that experience across multiple platforms so millions of players can share their experiences with their social circles.

With the Game Hub, MSN Games has been completely rebuilt, Windows Live Messenger has been updated and Bing Games has been released to Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

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Microsoft has re-launched the Games for Windows Marketplace along with an update for the Games for Windows Marketplace Client. The main update today comes in the form of the brand new Games for Windows Marketplace, which has become an entirely web-based store.

The webpage has a very streamlined appearance and this also means that gamers can access it anywhere they like. Microsoft has also stated that the service will now provide ultra-fast downloads, without having to sit and wait any longer for your downloads to finish.

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