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In addition to talking up Windows tablets and slates at the January Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Microsoft execs also are expected to use the conference to give another push to Windows Phone 7. But the first “major” update to the WP7 platform may not hit until August or September of 2011, my sources claim.

In recent weeks, there have been rumors of both January and February “minor” Windows Phone 7 updates. I’m also hearing talk of a major fall update (codenamed “Mango”), which will precede Windows Phone 8 (codenamed “Apollo”), slated for late 2012.

The Mango update is supposedly bigger than the January and/or February update, according to my sources. Mango is more like a Windows Phone OS 7.5 — and may even be named that when it debuts.

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Readers would known that we are pretty hungry for numbers here at WMPoweruser.com.  We therefore greatly welcome this titbit via Techcrunch, were a developer revealed some number regarding the performance of their app in Marketplace, and also compared it to the iPhone App store.

iTotsApps, the company which makes Toddler Flashcards, revealed that they are selling about 7.5 copies of their app per day in Marketplace, compared to 71.5 per day in the iPhone App store.  The app is currently ranked the 21st top paid app and 709th app in total in Marketplace.


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The Samsung Taylor, one of the developer devices for Windows Phone 7, allegedly received a recent update bringing copy/paste functionality. Microsoft reconfirmed a roll-out of an update in early 2011 that would bring the missing feature to Windows Phone 7 handsets but according to rumors, some already got it.

While all Windows Phone 7 users seem to be running version 7.0.7004.0 of the platform, out tipster claims that the Samsung Taylor has received an update via the Zune software which bumped up the version number to 7.0.7338.0 and brought copy/paste functionality

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Google Maps is finally available on Windows Phone 7, although instead of an official client downloadable from the Marketplace, this is a homebrew app that must be sideloaded onto jailbroken devices. TAMaps from TechAutos taps into the Google Maps API to deliver basic functionality such as scrolling and zooming and location tracking via GPS, but lacks other features like address and POI searches, the ability to calculate directions, and support for bookmarking favorite places. TechAutos claims that the application is only meant to tide users over until Google releases its own version into the wild.

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We now have the first WP7 homebrew application taking advantage of unlocked phones – a Windows Phone 7 custom ringtone manager.

The applications has two components

  • Desktop application – used to build a custom XAP package with 5 custom ringtones you select from your computer(Requires .NET 4.0 Framework)
  • XAP application – to be deployed to your WP7 to install custom ringtones to the system

Download ChevronWP7 custom ringtone manager here.

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Windows Phone 7 has had excellent Facebook integration from the very first boot, but the platform is lacking in some areas, and it looks like Facebook and Microsoft are intending on adding even deeper integration into the phone.

Neowin today uncovered evidence on Facebook itself that indicates Windows Phone 7 may eventually be able to utilize Facebook Places, as well as Chat, sending and receiving SMS’s from the app, alongside various other features. While these features are not yet present on the phone’s platform, it appears the permissions to use the features are already in place on Facebook. Microsoft hasn’t officially said anything about adding these features, but it would make sense for them to appear sometime.

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Today we have an exciting breakthrough for the Windows Phone 7 homebrew community – the ability for anyone to unlock a WP7 device without a Marketplace developer account.

Unlocking allows the sideloading of experimental applications that would otherwise can’t be published to the Marketplace, such as those which access private or native APIs.

We’ve taken the pain out of the process involved and put together a super simple executable that will allow anyone to unlock any WP7 device on the market using a USB cable and just a couple clicks.

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