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What? It took two full months for someone to make a Kinect sex game? C’mon, porn industry — you generally move faster than that!

Joking aside (or maybe not), you read that right: There are sex games in the works for Kinect, Microsoft’s new motion sensor for the Xbox 360. ThriXXX, maker of such titles as “3D SexVilla2,” “Fetish 3D” and “3D Slut,” is working on technology for its games that allows people to, um, interact with virtual women through motion gestures and voice commands via Kinect.

“The Kinect controller is astonishing new technology that allows users to experience cybersex like never before!” Brad Abram, ThriXXX’s vice president of business development, said in a news release. “It’s novel, sexy, social, age-spanning, crazy, and a rush to have virtual control at this level.”

The technology should be completed next year, making all ThriXXX games compatible with Kinect, according to the news release.

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According to internal VGChartz estimates, sales of Microsoft’s Kinect sensor passed the 4 million unit mark as of last week (week ending December 11th). This puts Kinect on pace to sell over 6 million units by the end of the year. Xbox 360 hardware sales have seen a significant lift since the launch of Kinect with around 40% of all Kinect sensor sales worldwide coming via units bundled with Xbox360 hardware – clearly showing that Kinect has been selling outside of the existing Xbox360 userbase.

In the same timeframe from launch, Nintendo’s Wii managed to sell 2.9 million units and Sony’s PlayStation Move sold just over 900,000 units (camera + at least one Move controller) – less than 1/4 of the sales of Kinect. Despite the shortages experienced by Nintendo in 2006 and despite a far more aggressive marketing push than Sony had with Move and the effect of holiday boosts (which Move did not have in the initial 6 weeks), Kinect still looks to be the clear winner of the “motion wars” at this early stage. A fairer analysis will be available after 3-4 months from launch (when the effect of seasonality and shortages will even out) and we will revisit these comparisons at that point.

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A new Kinect hack by a group of students at MIT Media Lab allows you to control Windows 7 and even browsers using only your hands. The Star Wars force-like gesture movements can navigate web pages, your operating system and even potentially control desktop applications.

The amazing thing about being able to control your PC using ‘the force’ within you, is that you can do it with a friend. The software is not only multitouch, but multiuser as well. Based on the video, two users can take control of images as the same time, allowing you to collaborate with each other on projects and tasks. The software is still very early in development, but the potential to finally use your Star Wars skills on your PC is just around the corner.

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Though Kinect has been a big success for Microsoft since debuting on November 4, many hardcore gamers have turned up their noses to the innovative camera controller because they think it’s just an enabler for minigame collections, casual fare, and rhythm stuff. If you go by the launch library, well, they have a point. But a reliable source tells IGN that’s all about to change.

According to our tip, Microsoft is using the Spike TV Video Games Awards (VGAs) to introduce some big action games, including new titles for the Kinect. The headliner is Gears of War for Kinect, coming straight from Epic Games. Now, we cannot clarify whether or not this is an all-new Gears of War for Kinect or if it’s an existing Gears of War game, retro-fitted for the camera controller. But it definitely clicks with recent rumblings that Microsoft wants to get in front of the conventional wisdom that the Kinect is only a toy for casual gamers and family.

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Remedy’s seeking a motion control programmer for its “AAA console project” for 360, to work on “next iteration of Remedy’s unique game engine that was previously used in Alan Wake.”

The job ad’s here.

The Finish developer’s looking for someone with “experience on motion-control technology (e.g. Kinect)”.

While no one knows the identity of the game – which was first mentioned in October – the assumption is that it’s Alan Wake 2.

Remedy’s made it no secret it wants to do a sequel, but hasn’t announced the title.

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Remember the user interface in Minority Report? Now it all seems to be a reality with Microsoft Kinect.

Just too cool! 🙂

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Chris Erickson’s brother found himself without the use of his right arm following a tragic accident, but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying Xbox 360 Kinect games.

Here we see one of the direct benefits of controller-free gaming. He might not do quite as well with some of the more limb-intensive Kinect games like Dance Central, but Chris’ brother seems to make do in Kinect Adventures, and he doesn’t seem to have any problems with Sonic Free Riders, outside of some menu navigation.

Before I picked up my own Kinect this past weekend I was one of the folks who wondered why I’d ever want to control a video game with my body instead of a controller. Here’s a heartwarming answer to that question.

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